Elena Kashleva
Visual Artist
About me

I am a very passionate about painting and consider it as my world and my cosmos. I have been in art for nearly 4 years and now also studying in a wonderful school - Accademia di belli arti di Brera (Milan).

But painting is not all I do. I also help people to choose and buy valuable art and to make a good investment and develop a team building project for companies.

Before start my carrier in art I worked in marketing and have some articles published, some recorded courses for MBA schools etc.

I will be happy to see you among my clients and friends!

Elena Kashleva

This website includes not all my works. There is no my series "Feelings", "People", "Normo-box" and some other single drawings. I will be glad to send a complete version on your request. Please fill in the form at the bottom of the website. Thanks for your attention!

My photos
Nightlife II
Nightlife IV
Nightlife VII
Dreams II
Dreams III
Space I
Space II
Space V
Right I
Right II
Right III
My works
series Essence IV
Oil on canvas, 30x40 cm
series Essence V
Oil on canvas, 40x30 cm
"Thoughts", series Essence
Oil on canvas, 55x45 cm
Essence I
Oil on canvas, 40x30 cm
Essence II
Oil on canvas, 30x40 cm
Space I
Watercolor, 30x40 cm
Shapes and colors II
Oil on canvas, 80x70
Shapes and colors III
Oil on canvas, 40x30 cm
Fantasy I
Watercolor, 30x40 cm
Alla giapponese I
ink, paper on canvas, 50x70 cm
Alla giapponese II
ink, paper on canvas, 50x70 cm
Study Faces II
Watercolor, 40x30 cm
Ballerina I
Pastel, 41x28.5 cm
Ballerina II
Pastel, 40x28 cm
Pastel, 28x40.5 cm
Carta, china, 35x25 cm
Carta, china, 35x25 cm
Carta, china, 35x25 cm
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